How to Primalize Your Memorial Day Cookout

How to Primalize Your Memorial Day Cookout

Even living a Primal lifestyle, I still look at holidays as a time to eat like a pig. The difference is that now, I'm crushing huge amounts of Primal approved food, and not hating myself afterwards. If anything, I prefer a Primal holiday cookout more than I enjoyed burger buns and potato chips. Let me help you Primalize your Memorial Day cookout!

Think about your typical Memorial Day cookout. Burgers, hot dogs, potato salad, pasta salad, and other delicious treats have always been staples at any cookout I can remember. Most people fall off any diet or lifestyle change at cookouts and gatherings, but there's really no excuse. It's super simple to stay Primal and enjoy yourself at any cookout - you just need to be smart about it.


Bunless Burgers, Bro

There's no reason to skip burgers just because you're Primal. Burgers are great loaded with toppings and eaten with a fork. If you want to use your hands like a manly man, use lettuce wraps or mushroom caps to replace the bun.

Eliminate the Need for Buns Completely

You can always make sure there are fewer temptations by planning your menu strategically. BBQ chicken or kebabs can be a way around the need for buns, wraps, etc.


Be Smart About Your Ingredients

If you must have pasta salad, potato salad, or some kind of dip, just be smart about what you're using. Avocado can be used for a number of dips and needless to say, guacamole. There are Paleo mayo recipes online, and avocado mayo can be purchased online or in any health-conscious grocery store.


Keep It Simple

Serving fruit and/or vegetable trays can be an easy way to get more Primal options on the menu. Pork rinds make an interesting alternative to potato chips, and they're just as easy!



Stick With Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is acceptable if you must have chocolate. Try to find a recipe, perhaps try so melt the dark chocolate and coat some almonds or strawberries. Ensure you have 71% cacao in your dark chocolate or you won't get the full health benefits.


Creative Uses For Fruit

Cooking bananas in honey and cinnamon is a yummy, Primal way to satisfy the average sweet tooth. Search online for creative uses for fruit - many Primal/Paleo options will use coconut milk, honey, alternative flours, etc.


Let me know how your Memorial Day goes! I hope everyone has a great time! Connect with me on Instagram and Twitter for additional content!

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