What is PrimalBro about?

PrimalBro is all about helping you become an optimal version of yourself. I'll be sharing what I've learned after a long journey to lose over 140 pounds!

Primal, Paleo, & Keto   |  Fitness & Optimization  |  Life & Motivation

Who is the PrimalBro?

My name is Ben, and I used to weigh over 330 pounds.

THEN: 333 lbs  |  NOW: 185 lbs

I've lost over 140 lbs using Primal, Paleo, and Ketogenic diets as well as various fitness concepts.

Now, I want to help others change their lives! I'm here to help you find recipes, workouts, and motivation to improve your health and become a total badass!

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Contact me at PrimalBro@gmail.com!

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