Who is the PrimalBro?

My name is Ben, and I used to weigh over 330 pounds.

I had been overweight my entire life. I was always the “fat kid” in the group. The only person in the pool wearing a t-shirt type of kid. As an adult, it only got worse. I let it get to a point where I thought nothing could help me.

Everything changed when I heard Mark Sisson on an episode of the Joe Rogan Experience. They discussed Mark's book, The Primal Blueprint. I had never seen an approach to fitness and nutrition that made so much sense. I began making small changes, following a workout routine and moving my diet towards full on Primal.

That was just the beginning. Since starting my journey, I have followed paleo and keto diets. I've done CrossFitt and olympic weight lifting. I've even trained in kickboxing and, currently, Brazilian jiu jitsu.

Now, I've lost over 130 pounds, I can sling kettlebells around like it's my job, and I'm easily the most bad ass version of myself I've ever been.

This blog will be my place to share recipes, workouts, motivation, and whatever other cool things I want to share. Above all, I want to be the inspiration and resource for somebody who feels like I used to feel. 

To learn more about me, check out the rest of PrimalBro.com, and check out an interview I did a while back for Paleo Magazine Radio by clicking here!


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