Loaded Cauliflower (low-carb, keto)

I miss baked potatoes...

Now don't get me wrong, I'll do a potato every now and then. You may have seen my Garlic Parmesan Potatoes recipe a week ago, but I tend to run better on a generally lower carb diet.

Well now I can have the loaded baked potato flavors I miss without the sluggish feeling I get with too many carbs!

Reverse Seared Strip Steak

What if I told you you'd been cooking steak all wrong?

Reverse searing a steak is the absolute best method for cooking thick steaks to a tender, juicy finish! This requires some time in the oven followed by a quick stop in a screaming hot pan. Try this method of cooking steaks and you may never set foot in another steakhouse again!

Easy Cajun Pork Chops (Primal, Paleo, Keto)

Do you remember the laziness I talked about when I made my Cheesy Bacon Chicken Tenders? Well, it's back...

But I'm tired of chicken. It's time to restart my love affair with pork chops. I've also been on a cajun seasoning kick lately. Can you see how my brain works? Tender pork chops rubbed with cajun seasoning that provides a perfectly crisp crust with just enough kick! And it takes less than 20 minutes to experience this pure deliciousness!

Cauliflower Dirty Rice (low-carb, keto)

I LOVE spicy food! No spicy food quite hits the mark like Cajun food. This cauliflower rice is an awesome, low-carb substitute for your favorite Cajun meals! 

Cauliflower perfectly seasoned with sauteed onions, peppers, and just the right amount of heat. You'll never go back to rice again!

Cheesy Bacon Chicken Tenders (low-carb, keto)

Do you ever just feel lazy? Me too! Like a lot...

Laziness is what gave birth to this delicious and, more importantly, easy recipe! Melted cheddar cheese sandwiched between tender chicken and crispy bacon. This is also a very flexible recipe making a great dinner, lunch, appetizer, pretty much any time! But when is there a wrong time for bacon!?

Garlic Parmesan Potatoes

Uh-oh, I said it. Potato. A word disgraced in the Low-Carb/Keto world, and debated in the Primal/Paleo world. Good thing I don't put hard labels on my diet, because I get to enjoy these!

Sliced potatoes baked crisp with an amazing blend of spices goes perfect with delicious parmesan cheese. Throw in some bacon and this could be a meal all by itself! Seriously, if you have a pulse, you have to try these potatoes!

Cauliflower Mac & Cheese (low-carb, keto)

It's cold outside, and few things sound as good as warm, gooey mac & cheese.

So I decided to stop fighting temptation and have my mac & cheese, just slightly different. Cauliflower makes an awesome substitute for noodles (as if anyone didn't know already), and the gooey, homemade cheese sauce couldn't be more delicious. 

This more than satisfied my mac and cheese craving, but it didn't do anything about the cold...

Buffalo Chicken Tenders (low-carb, keto)

One of the few "bad" foods that still tempts me to this day is a spicy chicken sandwich from Chick-fil-a...

These chicken tenders are almost spot on in terms of flavor, without the bread of course! Just enough crunch, the perfect amount of heat, and soooo tender and juicy. Not only are these a great low-carb option, they are low calorie too! So go ahead and double up... or triple.. or eat all six servings. I'm not here to judge!

Taco Pie (low-carb, keto)

I love tacos, but I get sick of having the same old thing all the time. 

You may have already seen my Taco Pizza recipe in my early days, but this is even better! It's a simple, delicious recipe that captures all the best flavors of a taco. Serve with all your favorite taco toppings and you may never go back to boring old tacos again!

Parmesan Bacon Chicken (low-carb, keto)

I love cheese and bacon, and I'm constantly seeking different ways incorporate them into my diet.

This Parmesan Bacon Chicken is one of the best I've done so far! Fried chicken breast smothered with crispy bacon and parmesan cheese. This is a delicious, low carb recipe that will definitely find its way into my regular meal rotation! 

Pepperoni Pizza Bites (low-carb, keto)

If you think these are too big to be called bites, you've clearly never met me...

Whether it takes one, two, or ten bites, you will fall in love with this recipe. Yummy pepperoni folded up with the all the sauce, spice, and cheese flavors that make pizza so damn good. Give these a try and you may never eat another pizza crust (keto or otherwise) again!

Primal Blueberry Muffins (Paleo, grain-free, gluten-free)

Muffins were a daily thing for me 140 pounds ago. It was nothing to put down two or three muffins in a sitting, and I'm talking BIG muffins.

My quest to recreate one of my all-time favorites has led me to the best muffins I've made so far, these Primal Blueberry Muffins. The texture of the muffin itself is nearly identical to "normal" muffins, and the blueberries and honey give it a perfect amount of sweetness!

Try these and, dare I say it, I guarantee you won't be disappointed. One of my favorite original recipes, and one of the best tasting things that's ever come out of my kitchen!

Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin (Primal, Paleo, Keto)

Juicy pork tenderloin wrapped in crispy bacon... I don't feel like I need to say anything else.

But I will... This recipe couldn't be easier. Season a pork tenderloin, wrap it in bacon, pop it in the oven, and that's about it. Perfect for busy people and families, or for anyone who likes bacon! And who doesn't like bacon?

Mixed Berry Thumbprint Cookies (Primal, Paleo, grain-free)

Those damn girl scouts came around the other day and got me craving cookies...

So I went to work in the kitchen and made one of my all-time favorites, the thumbprint cookie! All natural mixed berry jam sweetened with honey and plopped in the middle of a yummy almond flour cookie. Give these a try and you'll never answer the door for another cookie slinging girl scout again!

Primal Pumpkin Pie

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and I refuse to miss out on the classics. 

It's hard to think about Thanksgiving without thinking about pie. Pumpkin pie, specifically. This pumpkin pie was a huge hit with my kids, and I'm so excited to trick my family with this healthier alternative to sugar-filled pies of the old days.

Now be prepared, this pie has no crust. I know, what an outrage. You could easily incorporate a pie crust with this recipe, but I'm never a huge crust fan so I just said screw it.

Easy Almond Flour Waffles (Primal, Paleo, Grain-Free)

I LOVE waffles! They're easily the best breakfast food in existence. 

I could never figure out how to make a waffle I could eat and still maintain my healthy lifestyle. That all changes today. While these waffles may lack the crisp and crunch of typical waffles, they more than make up for it in taste! Dense, delicious waffles with an awesome cinnamon flavor. I owe myself a pat on the back, and you owe yourself a waffle! Or two... or three... 

Black & Blue (Berry) Crisp

It's not all meat and cauliflower around here. Y'boy can whip up some tasty desserts, too! 

This blueberry and blackberry filled crisp is absolutely delicious, and it couldn't be easier! Gooey berries covered in coconut and honey-sweetened almond flour. Just look at these pictures and tell me you don't want to try this...