Personalized Fitness & Nutrition Coaching


What You'll Get From Me:

  • Highest level of communication and attention
  • Unlimited access to me via email
  • In-depth interview where we discuss goals, obstacles, etc.
  • Regular follow ups via phone, skype, etc.
  • Customized fitness plan based on your goals, current situation, etc.
  • Nutritional coaching and advice with meal planning help
  • Regular changes and adjustments to your custom plan

Why I Should Be Your Coach:

  • I have personally lost over 150 pounds by changing my fitness and nutrition - no surgery, no gimmicks, just hard work and education!
  • I have extensively studied the ACE Personal Trainer materials in preparation for my exam.
  • I helped my wife lose almost 80 pounds after the birth of our third child.
  • I have helped my mother-in-law lose 20 pounds, and come off her high blood pressure medication.
  • I truly care about changing others' lives. I remember how it felt to need help, and I want to help everyone I can.
  • I will completely customize your coaching to you - this is NOT a one size fits all style coaching program!
  • I'm a pretty cool guy! Get started with your coaching now to meet me and see if we're a good fit for a coaching relationship!!

What I'll Need From You:

  • Honesty in all aspects of the coaching relationship - Be completely open regarding your mindset, slip-ups, etc.
  • Ask questions as often as you have them - I will NEVER judge or become frustrated by questions.
  • Commitment to our plan - I want to change your life, but I can only do so much. You will need to be committed to our plan because I promise you that I'll be committed to you!
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